Meet the Nameless Crew

The Characters
(in order of appearance)

Corenna Zeigen (Zei, she/her) - primary specialty: electrical engineer
Zahava Silberberg (Zahava, she/her) - primary specialty: management
Mandry Cyr (Mandry, he/him) - primary specialty: pilot
Cyrus Castillo Rodruiguez (Cyrus, he/him) - primary specialty: programmer
James O'Dowd (James, he/him) - primary specialty: medical doctor
Quill Clements (Quill, he/him) - primary specialty: horticulturalist
Izley Kolian (Kolian, they/them) - primary specialty: atmospheric specialist
Angel Rivera (Angel, they/them) - primary speciality: urban planning
Devanshi Konidela (Devi, she/her) - primary specialty: architect

Trevor Bean (he/him)

Mandry Cyr (he/him)

Trevor Bean lives in Portland, Maine. He has been roleplaying since forever, acting since high school, and dancing since college. He directs children's theater at the school where he teaches fourth grade and is a member of a community dance company. Although podcasts have been a big part of his life for a few years now, this is his first attempt at being a part of one. He's thrilled to find a delightful intersection for his love of performance, his geekery, and his friends, both new and old.

Trace Callahan (they/them)

Sound Designer, Composer, Audio Engineer, Izley Kolian (they/them)

Trace Callahan is a Florida based composer and sound designer who is completely thrilled to be enjoying their first adventure in podcasting after working in games and theatre. They studied voice at the University of Maine and game music at the Late Night School in Friends Living Rooms. They have an uncanny fixation on creating all sounds themselves, using whatever they can find lying around Florida.

Alexander Endymion Hernandez Diaz (he/they)

Cyrus Castillo Rodriguez (he/him)

Endymion recently showed off an animated short he wrote, drew, and acted in when he was 11, proving that voice acting was always his destiny. He lives on the Canary Islands, where he studies astrophysics and sends pictures of beautiful tropical weather and occasional sand-blasted hellscapes to everyone else in the cast. He was initially unsure how his accent would sound but has since learned that Americans love it.

Alexander Doddy (he/him)

James O'Dowd (he/him)

Alexander Doddy is a Yorkshire based actor with several years of experience in the voiceover industry. He voices characters in numerous audiodramas and games including Redwall: The Scout and Eastshade. Check out more examples of his work at No, really, he isn't Scottish or Australian. Yorkshire, you're hearing Yorkshire.

Sawyer Greene (he/they)

Quill Clements (he/him)

Sawyer Greene has been acting since not long after he learned to walk, but Quill Clements was his first foray into voice acting. He graduated from the New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts in spring 2020, just in time to see Broadway close for the pandemic. While he waits to be able to perform in person again, he's pursuing more voice acting roles, and his cosplay videos make a splash on tiktok. You can check out more of his work at

Caroline Mincks (they/them)

Zahava Silberburg (she/her)

Caroline Mincks is from central Virginia, where they have been acting onstage since the age of five. When they're not pretending to be Claire Saffitz in their own kitchen, they can be found directing children's theatre locally, and in the year since they first tried voice acting, they have taken the audio drama world by storm. They are the creator of Scary Stories for Modern Minds and the acclaimed Seen and Not Heard, and a co-creator of Light Hearts. In addition to This Planet Needs a Name, you can hear them on too many other shows to count.

Evan Tess Murray (they/he)

Creator, Showrunner, Lead Writer, Corenna Zeigen (she/her)

Evan Tess Murray has been a podcast creator and voice actor for about five minutes, a writer for about forever, and works as a professional feminist in Portland, Maine when they’re not podcasting. They launched their podcasting career by making everyone cry as Zei, and they enjoy lending their voice to projects, but their primary love is in writing and directing; you can hear their work not only in This Planet Needs a Name, and Light Hearts, but also in upcoming pieces for MonkeyTales and Someone Dies in This Elevator. They genuinely believe in the power of stories to create community, supply comfort, and inspire action, and if you dig down to the bone you’ll find they’re made mostly of hope and defiance. You can check out more of their work at