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From now until the end of October, Audio Verse Awards voting is open! We're grateful to have been nominated in a number of categories. If you have the time, please consider voting for us.

Thank you!

The simplest way to support us is to join the Ground Crew on Patreon. After basic costs are covered, we share the contributions of our patrons among the ensemble; every dollar helps. The lowest tier is a dollar a month - we want everyone to be able to come along for the journey.

If giving money isn't an option for you - or if you're already a patron and you still want to help out in other ways - please help spread the word! Tell people in your life about our podcast. Share on your socials, corner your relatives at holidays and explain hopepunk, suggest it in line at the grocery store... word of mouth is how people find audio drama, and you can be one of the mouths!

We also appreciate ratings and reviews! Most folks ask for reviews on Apple Podcasts, but we know lots of people who don't use iProducts, and we're also big fans of Podchaser! In general, if you listen on a platform that has a review system, please leave one. We love them, and it helps new listeners decide if we're their kind of show.

And finally, you can always join us - whether or not you're a patron - on our discord server. Our online community has grown into a creative, supportive, welcoming place, and we're always happy to find more people who help to make it a home. We're silly, we're serious, we're mostly marginalized folks creating our own place where we can live our lives without having to explain them. If reading that makes your breath catch for a moment, you'll fit right in.